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Michaela Conley, MA MCHES CIC CVS CLMP

Facilitator, Trainer, Educator, Coach, Consultant & Entrepreneur 

LEGO® Serious Play® Certified Facilitator, Master Certified Health Education Specialist, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Industry Expert, Subject Matter Expert and Trainer for CDC’s Work@Health Program and Lifestyle Coach for CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program.

For more than 20 years, Michaela has dedicated her career to supporting professionals and organizations within the population health industry at large. Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, HPCareer.Net, HPLive, State of Wellness and Brick Clarity Michaela has the insight, foresight and courage to identify and solve issues proactively.

While HPCareer.Net advertises career opportunities, HPLive is often referred to as the “Switzerland” of professional continuing education through it’s unbiased approach to learning.  This is in part how she is able to attract experts and thought leaders who share her commitment to cutting edge knowledge dissemination.

In 2012, she formed State of Wellness a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to support evidence-based population health & wellness programs.  Michaela has been featured in two books and recognized for her Outstanding Contributions to the industry at large.

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Megan Oteri, MA

Facilitator, Trainer, STEM Educator, Enterpreneur 

Megan Oteri is the founder and CEO of Brick Scholars, a mobile STEAM lab offering programs for people of all ages to brick and learn. As an advocate for playful learning, she believes people learn best through play and when they are in a state of flow and optimally challenged in meaningful and purposeful work. She is passionate about education and stays astride of the shifting paradigms of what makes children, teens and adults engaged learners. She believes this can be accomplished through Best Practices teaching and learning methods founded on research-based and brain-based educational theory, including LEGO® Education pedagogy and Constructionism educational theory.

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Brick Clarity offers an array of approaches to management consulting.  Collectively, we are experts in: worksite health and wellbeing, education and training, STEM and logistics.

Our customers are: business, nonprofits, schools, universities and the government sector.

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