LSP Workshops typically range from 2 to 8+ hours depending on the number of participants and the complexity of the task to be achieved. In consultation with our client, we develop a curriculum specifically designed to address your key issue(s).

LEGO® Serious Play® for Teens: Imagineering STEM from the Learners Perspective

In this hands-on, minds-on STEAM workshop, students will be challenged with defining STEM and what makes it enjoyable and interesting to them. Unleashing the power of their imagination, students will create and construct individual models using LEGO® Serious Play® materials and workshop methodology. Students will collaborate to develop a group landscape model from their individual models. As part of this work, they will build a collective definition of what is an ideal STEM program. The workshop will culminate in a presentation of their work where students each tell the story of their group landscape.

Other Programs

Intrinsic Coaching

Coaching can be included within another program or on it’s own for individuals or small groups.  Typically, most effective when occurring regularly over a finite period of time.

Employee Health and Productivity

CDC Work@Health is an evidence-based program to train and support employers in implementing a comprehensive health and wellness program.  W@H is intended to be managed by a point of contact within an organization.  Often, it’s a human resources professional who may be already involved in communicating within the organization at all levels.

Lifestyle Coach Training

For CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program is another evidence-based training opportunity for those interested in delivering the DPP program in their worksite or community.

General Program Components

  • Client consultation to align program goals
  • Develop/Prepare Workshop Curriculum
  • Confirm Program Logistics
  • Program materials
  • Deliver Training/facilitation
  • Colate post training participant evaluation summary report

With permission from Megan Oteri